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Golden Valley ArtsTM

Golden Valley ArtsTM  is a program of the Foundation that serves and responds to the needs of local artists, arts organizations, and residents through diverse channels, each with a significant impact on the quality of life in Golden Valley.

Artist Showcase

The Artist Showcase 22 was held at Brookview until February 25th 2022. The online gallery for the show can be viewed anytime using the Artist Showcase Online Gallery links below.  


We're looking forward to the 2023 Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival and are building a new Festivals Team to create the best event yet!  We need your input on next year's festival - so please take the Festivals Survey and let us know what you think! 

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Consider the Golden Valley Arts Fund in your philanthropic legacy.  Then, get to know local arts icons like Jodi ReebGolden Valley OrchestraJulie Koehnen, Amy Sands, John Kluchka,  Stephanie Chen, Sierra PauleyMatt SwensonGreg Lecker, Coco Connolly, Open Studio @ BrookviewBallet Arts Youth EnseblePerpich Arts High School, Skylab Glass Arts, and join us as we support Golden Valley ArtsTM for the next generation.  #DoMoreGood

public art proposals

The City of Golden Valley partners with Golden Valley ArtsTM to solicit proposals for public art on city property.  Any artist may submit a proposal for public art installation to a Public Art Panel which reviews and makes recommendations to the City.  


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Join the team

Golden Valley Arts' leadership team includes a wide variety of creative energy from our local arts community.  Would you like to be part of the arts in Golden Valley?  


Golden VAlley
ARTSTM Leaders

Watercolor Paints

Get involved

Public art panels in Golden Valley are an important part of our city's public art process.  Whenever an artist makes a proposal for a public art installation on city property, it goes thru an important review step by GVATM and the City of Golden Valley.  If you'd like to be a Public Art Panelist, register as a panelist today. 


Public Art Panels

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25 Years in the Valley

25 Years in the Valley is presented by the City of Golden Valley in partnership with Golden Valley ArtsTM, a program of the Golden Valley Community Foundation.  Now on display at the Perpich Center for Arts Education visitor's center. 


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Golden Valley Street Banners

Golden Valley's street banners highlight the variety and quality of visual arts in our community. 


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