Help Clients Make an Impact

The Golden Valley Community Foundation provides donors the power of positive influence. Your support for our community leaves a lasting impact for future generations.  Please consider GVCF as your advisor for investing in Golden Valley's future. 


Have a long-term legacy project in mind?  Looking to support an existing program?  Working with a financial adviser to make it all work? We can do that.   #DoMoreGood

Help others make an impact

Helping your clients make an impact.


Philanthropy need not be complicated, nor does it require great wealth.  Your clients can give in a way that’s convenient, financially comfortable and personally rewarding.


When your clients have the desire to make a lasting impact through charitable giving, we’re here to make it easier.  As a community foundation, we are ideally suited to help your clients craft a personalized philanthropy strategy designed to achieve the goals they envision.  #DoMoreGood


We can match your clients with the causes they care deeply about and offer extensive knowledge about local charitable organizations and emerging community needs.  From arts and culture, to recreation, education and even aesthetics, we are a neutral resource  that works with the entire nonprofit sector to improve livability within our community for today and for future generations.


Focus on Passion, not paperwork. 


If your client is blessed with higher means and is considering creating a private foundation consider instead, our community foundation.  We are situated optimally to assist them meet their long term goals without the hassle of paperwork.  

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Discussing the Numbers

Working with Flexible fund ideas and options

GVCF has numerous funds established to meet community needs  We are able to create specific designated funds, donor advised funds as well as other vehicles that provide ongoing investment in community.  #DoMoreGood


Working with you to help your clients meet their legacy objectives is our goal.  Our  Investment Partners Program is an ideal value-added partnership avenue to keep you involved in meeting your clients long term objectives while helping meet GVCF philanthropic objectives.

GVCF Means Community

Golden Valley is a thriving community with many individuals and organizations actively seeking to improve our neighborhoods and our city. The Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF) is unique as a nonprofit public charity created by and for the people of Golden Valley to help serve the needs of residents, neighbors and those who work in the area.  #DoMoreGood


The GVCF believes that being engaged in and giving back to one’s community is an essential part of citizenship.  Providing avenues to do that is what we do.


The Foundation uses philanthropy, community initiatives and funding support to address the changing needs and interests of GV neighbors and friends.

Since 2011, we have been investing in Golden Valley to support causes and programs that enhance livability in Golden Valley.  With the help of local and global donors including individuals, corporate partners and support from other non-profits we are able to support programs that make a difference. 


Your involvement makes all the difference. 

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GVCF Impact Report

The Golden Valley Community Foundation Impact Report reflects on the impact our donors make in this wonderful community. Since 2011, our donors have given more than $420,000 back to the community through grants, programs and other donations. The Impact Report highlights just a fraction of that impact. Your support has enabled this work and it’s what has brought us this far.  #DoMoreGood

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