COVID19 Grants

COVID19 Grant Recipients



Golden Valley Community Foundation provided early partnership with PRISM to support our local community with a grant to PRISM’s program supporting kids' lunches and family support.

With volunteers staying at home to slow the spread of COVID19, the nonprofit PRISM is stretching staff to supply food to clients during the COVID19 crisis. Fewer donors are bringing in food, so the nonprofit asks people to go online and consider signing up to donate monthly.

Help at your door (HAYD) 

8441 Wayzata Blvd #160, Golden Valley, MN 55426


Help At Your Door is a nonprofit serving seniors and individuals with disabilities across Minnesota’s seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Our Store To Door grocery assistance, home support and transportation services provide help with in-home tasks and chores.

Most are unable to shop outside home under normal conditions. All are at risk of COVID-19. HAYD shops food
shelves and groceries. Volunteers personally deliver food and other essential items to their constituents. Constituents pay on a sliding scale of $0 - full cost of products delivered.

The Frontline MN 

2900 Washington St. N, Minneapolis, MN 55411


Each day, brave men and women face danger defending our families in potentially dangerous situations – in our very own backyards.

Law Enforcement Officers, SWAT Teams, Firefighters, EMS Professionals, and the Minnesota National Guard protect us every day. They face natural and man-made disasters and often deal with armed and dangerous criminals, injured or impaired individuals wielding weapons, even emotionally charged and threatening domestic disputes. They are the Front Line Defenders of our neighborhoods, towns, and cities who face and diffuse the high-risk, frequently appalling situations we know or hear about, with disbelief, on the news.


These courageous men and women need our help. That’s why the Front Line Foundation (FLF) was founded. FLF is a Minnesota 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that supports those who serve on the front line of law enforcement in our communities. 


Believe it or not, Frontliners need financial assistance for the right training and gear. In extreme cases where one of them falls in the line of duty, their families need financial help. 


These brave men and women face danger every day, defending our families and neighbors in potentially dangerous life-and-death situations in our very own backyards. They are our courageous everyday, heroes and we want to help them anyway we can. Join us with a contribution – everything helps!

COVID19 Grant Application


Consideration for COVID19 Grants

As you complete your application, be certain that:

  • Your COVID19 Grant request is carefully thought out, with a scope of work, a plan of action, a budget, and have the individuals needed to implement.

  • You have a realistic timetable for implementing the COVID19 Grant request.

  • Your application is completed and submitted within the prescribed time frame.

  • You will be able to provide information to the GVCF Board within 12 months of receiving the funds. You will need to verify the completion of your COVID19 Grant request, account for expenses, and share the outcomes of your work.

  • Provide documentation of your non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

  • Your COVID19 Grant request serves Golden Valley according to the Foundation’s purpose and community focus.

  • As part of the selection process, you, or a representative, may be asked to meet with members of the Golden Valley Community Foundation to discuss your COVID19 Grant request and answer any questions.

Sample Questions

  1. Briefly describe your organization and how it benefits the local community of Golden Valley. 

  2. How do you measure success?

  3. Give the name, experience, and role of the individual who supervises the organization. 

  4. Geographic area to be served

  5. Demographic groups to be served

  6. Service distribution method or approach

  7. Anticipated implementation dates

  8. Summarize your funding request and associated budget plan. Include COVID19 Grant amount requested and any factors you believe we should know about.  

Prior to submission

If, prior to completing your application, you would like to contact the Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF), to gauge the merit of your application, please contact us via email or leave a detailed message outlining your project, at 612-440-GVCF (4823).
We value your dedication and appreciate your community building efforts.

Community Focus

The Golden Valley Community Foundation serves as a steward for community building. Our grants are intended to be a catalyst for positive change in Golden Valley that:

  • foster community engagement

  • provide recreation

  • support the arts

  • care for the environment

  • bring visitors to the community to work, shop and play