COVID19 Grant Recipients


Damascus Way

Damascus Way Reentry Center provides reentry leadership and services using a Christ-Centered approach.

Their core service model supports residents with: a stable housing pathway, employment and career readiness programming, and healthy community connections-all aiming at reversing the cycle of recidivism.


YMCA New Hope

A social services organization dedicated to Youth Development, Healthy Living, and Social Responsibility.


Tree House

TreeHouse has been serving teens since 1979, helping them build relationships and resiliency rooted in living hope. We’re based in Minnesota, but we have sites across the country. Each of our sites host programs that give teens a safe space to find support and belonging. Through mentorships, retreats, and other off-site activities, teens have the opportunity to build even deeper relationships with peers and caring adults.



The ultimate goal of BeKind2People is to transform hopelessness into endless possibility for families and individuals in our community. We believe that by giving people access to sustainable resources that will assist in overcoming obstacles and barriers, our program can be the catalyst that an individual or family may need to regain confidence and composure, and assist in redirecting the course of their lives. These resources include counseling services, education and nutrition programs, veteran’s assistance, help with overcoming addiction, financial and housing programs, assistance with job placement, as well as food and health programs.


Golden Valley Community Foundation provided early partnership with PRISM to support our local community with a grant to PRISM’s program supporting kids' lunches and family support.

With volunteers staying at home to slow the spread of COVID19, the nonprofit PRISM is stretching staff to supply food to clients during the COVID19 crisis. Fewer donors are bringing in food, so the nonprofit asks people to go online and consider signing up to donate monthly.

Help at your door (HAYD) 

8441 Wayzata Blvd #160, Golden Valley, MN 55426


Help At Your Door is a nonprofit serving seniors and individuals with disabilities across Minnesota’s seven-county Twin Cities metropolitan area. Our Store To Door grocery assistance, home support and transportation services provide help with in-home tasks and chores.

Most are unable to shop outside home under normal conditions. All are at risk of COVID-19. HAYD shops food
shelves and groceries. Volunteers personally deliver food and other essential items to their constituents. Constituents pay on a sliding scale of $0 - full cost of products delivered.

Cheerful Seniors

COVID19 Grant Application

Community Focus

The Golden Valley Community Foundation serves as a steward for community building. Our grants are intended to be a catalyst for positive change in Golden Valley that:

  • foster community engagement

  • provide recreation

  • support the arts

  • care for the environment

  • bring visitors to the community to work, shop and play

Consideration for COVID19 Grants

As you complete your application, be certain that:

  • Your COVID19 Grant request is carefully thought out, with a scope of work, a plan of action, a budget, and have the individuals needed to implement.

  • You have a realistic timetable for implementing the COVID19 Grant request.

  • Your application is completed and submitted within the prescribed time frame.

  • You will be able to provide information to the GVCF Board within 12 months of receiving the funds. You will need to verify the completion of your COVID19 Grant request, account for expenses, and share the outcomes of your work.

  • Provide documentation of your non-profit 501(c)(3) status.

  • Your COVID19 Grant request serves Golden Valley according to the Foundation’s purpose and community focus.

  • As part of the selection process, you, or a representative, may be asked to meet with members of the Golden Valley Community Foundation to discuss your COVID19 Grant request and answer any questions.

Sample Questions

  1. Briefly describe your organization and how it benefits the local community of Golden Valley. 

  2. How do you measure success?

  3. Give the name, experience, and role of the individual who supervises the organization. 

  4. Geographic area to be served

  5. Demographic groups to be served

  6. Service distribution method or approach

  7. Anticipated implementation dates

  8. Summarize your funding request and associated budget plan. Include COVID19 Grant amount requested and any factors you believe we should know about.  

Prior to submission

If, prior to completing your application, you would like to contact the Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF), to gauge the merit of your application, please contact us via email or leave a detailed message outlining your project, at 612-440-GVCF (4823).We value your dedication and appreciate your community building efforts.


GVCF COVID19 Grant Program


A COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Relief Fund for Golden Valley and the West side has been established by the Golden Valley Community Foundation (GVCF). The Relief Fund will support community organizations responding to COVID-19 related needs in Golden Valley and neighboring communities. 

This COVID-19 Relief Fund has been established to quickly provide charitable resources where they are needed most, with an initial focus on the basic needs of those most significantly impacted by this crisis. Because this is a challenging time for local nonprofits, many of whom do not have the staff to meet growing needs and raise funds, this initial focus for the COVID-19 Relief Fund will empower community members to help fill critical gaps with financial donations to ensure people are getting the services they need. 


GVCF HAS ALREADY BEGUN TO RESPOND When schools were closing and meal programs cancelled in early March, the Foundation reached out to Golden Valley based PRISM to see how it could help them feed students. PRISM has an established summer meals program they were implementing immediately to serve during COVID-19. The Foundation repurposed already budgeted Small Sparks Grants funds to PRISM on March 14 to help them meet needs. PRISM is partner of the Foundation and a west side non- profit serving families in need of food, clothing and shelter. They used the grant to purchase and distribute food and other essential items to their constituents in need. Donor Advised Fund holders of the GVCF have also responded with donations from their fund and broader funding grants are being pursued. 


The COVID-19 Relief Fund is designed to help simplify a complex situation to answer the question “How Can I Help?” While donors are encouraged to continue their regular support of area nonprofits, the COVID-19 RELIEF Fund will simplify giving and allow funds to be directed where need is the greatest. 


HOW TO GIVE Donors have many options for contributing: 

  • Give online at Click on the Donate button, then select GVCF COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Relief Fund 

  • Checks can be sent to GVCF PO BOX 27307, Golden Valley, MN 55427-0307 (payable to GVCF/ COVID-19). 

  • Donor Advised Fund holders can recommend a grant to The Golden Valley Community Foundation with “COVID-19 Relief Fund" as the grant purpose. 

  • GVCF may be also be able to accept appreciated stock and other assets. Call GVCF for assistance with those donations. 

  • COMMUNITY FOCUS OF THE RELIEF FUND The COVID-19 Relief Fund is to serve Golden Valley organizations and our neighboring community organizations to the extent possible. 



In a consolidated effort to help those most affected by COVID-19, the GVCF is waiving all administrative fees for the Relief Fund. This means (with the exception of fees charged by banks/ credit card companies) 100% of a donor’s gift will be used to help those most affected by COVID-19. 


The GVCF COVID-19 Relief Fund will be administered in multiple phases to address immediate and longer-term needs related to this crisis. During Phase One, priority will be given to partner- ing organizations working to meet the basic needs of those most significantly impacted by this crisis. Phase One includes proactively identifying grant recipients using input, guidance and research from organizations and others in the community in order to make grant decisions. Future grant phases will be communicated as fundraising continues throughout the crisis, making it possible to quickly adapt to evolving needs including ongoing programming in a recovery mode. 


The COVID-19 Relief Fund will make grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations, groups fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, or other charitable organizations able to receive tax-deductible contributions, such as schools and other public entities. This Response Fund is not currently able to fund businesses, or nonprofits with 501(c)(4), 501(c)(5), or 501(c) (6) status. 

The COVID-19 Relief Fund is not able to provide grants to individuals. Instead, during the Phase One of grantmaking, staff will work to move resources as quickly as possible to those community-based organizations directly supporting those most affected by this crisis. For information about community resources for individuals and families impacted by COVID-19, contact the United Way. 

ORGANIZATIONS SEEKING FUNDING At this time grant monies will be provided to GVCF nonprofit partners serving Golden Valley and neighbors. As more funds become available, eligible organizations will be able to submit a brief online application form found on our website at 


Grants from the Relief Fund will be recommended by an advisory committee appointed by GVCF. These appointees could include Executive staff, board members, and/or other community partners of the GVCF. 

A listing of grantees will be published on the website of the Golden Valley Community Foundation. 

In the unlikely case that all funds contributed are not able to be distributed to COVID-19 response efforts, any remaining balance will be transferred to a GVCF Emergency Response Fund to support future grantmaking for emergency needs. 

We’re all in this together. Together we can make a difference. 

The Golden Valley Community Foundation is a philanthropic organization with the mission of enhancing the quality of life in Golden Valley and our neighbors. GVCF is a member of MN Council on Foundations (MCF) and MN Council of Nonprofits (MCN) and operates as a 501 (c) 3 non profit approved by the State of MN and the US Federal Government. Our EIN is 76-0734171. All accepted donations are tax deductible. For more information contact Dean Penk, Chairperson at or call 612.440.4823. 

COVID19 Grants in Golden Valley

We created GVCF COVID19 Grants to directly support local aid organizations in the community. Because of support from local donors like you and the Minnesota Disaster Recovery Fund, GVCF awards these grants quickly to local non-profit service organizations in need.