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25 Years in the Valley

Golden Valley Photography Exhibit - NOW ON VIEW @ Perpich Visitor Center

25 Years in the Valley is presented by the City of Golden Valley in partnership with Golden Valley Arts, a program of the Golden Valley Community Foundation. This gallery exhibition’s grand opening at the Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival included 2017 winners and highlights from the first 25 years of the contest, as selected by a GVA Public Arts Panel.


This is the first public photography show of its kind, and something Golden Valley hasn’t seen before.  Plus, the collection is on tour and is available for display at at sponsor locations.


Production for a photography event like this is made possible by those investing in the arts in Golden Valley, and includes individual donors, community group support, as well as local business sponsorship.  The City of Golden Valley retains ownership of the reproduced photos, thanks to the generosity of the GVA and GVCF.  #DoMoreGood

help Support this project?

Donate to help pay for this project. Tents, lights, walls and photo enlargements need your financial support.

  • $50 = 1 Gallery-grade LED Light Fixture
    $100 = 1 Photo Enlargement
    $500 = Gallery Tent
    $1000 = Gallery Walls 

  • Legacy Endowment to Golden Valley Arts – Invest in long-term arts stewardship in Golden Valley

  • Name Sponsorship – have your name or brand in the title of the show for its lifetime.

  • Name Placement – have your name or brand highlighted ongoing at public exhibitions

  • Tent Name Placement – help us pay for the tent at the 2018 Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival

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