Street Banners

A Public Arts Panel review on July 24th selected 6 works to recommend to GVA and the City of Golden Valley!  Thanks for everyone who participated!   The selected artists and their work were revealed at the 2017 Golden Valley Arts & Music Festival!

What's it all about?

Golden Valley Arts collected artistic submissions for new street banners to highlight the variety and quality of visual arts in our community. Submissions had a connection to Golden Valley via residency, recreation, employment, history, schools or subject matter.  All ages were encouraged to participate.

Here were the guidelines for submission in Spring of 2017…

  • Successful submissions must work well for their intended use as a large-format street banner above our city streets.  It must also be compatible with its context as a public space.   They should be 2D visual art using any medium that can be easily captured and reproduced on a large-format street banner using 4-color reproduction. That includes drawing, painting, photography or film stills, and mixed-media work.   Consideration will be made toward work with strong visual appeal and use of color.

  • Each banner is 96″tall x 26″ wide (8’0″x 2’2″).  Each submission’s use as a banner may require cropping to this size, so the banner may “highlight” the submission, but may not reproduce the full piece.

We welcome and encourage submissions made especially for this use, size and context.  Please let us know about your approach in the submission form.

We plan to create 6 banner designs that will be used in multiple arrangements around downtown Golden Valley. A total of 30 banners using these 6 banner designs will be produced, plus additional indoor-stored banners that replace any damaged from weather or age.

Only those submissions selected for the Street Banner project will be used.  Each submission’s artist retains their copyright of their art.  Golden Valley Arts and the City of Golden Valley request a license to use the images for the Street Banner project, as well as any promotions or descriptions of the project or its organizers.

There is no artist honorarium for selected submissions. 

Golden Valley Arts will convene a Public Art Panel for this project to select six finalists. These finalists will be announced for a public comment period, after which a recommendation is made to City Council for approval.  The Public Art Panel composition includes interested community members, Golden Valley Arts leaders and City staff.

The printing of the finished street banners is paid for by the City of Golden Valley. Golden Valley Arts provides the administration of submissions and artist selection, and may provide financial services or support toward the reproduction process.

Each street banner includes a large space for artist attribution. In addition, the City of Golden Valley website and Golden Valley Arts website will feature the artists and their work on dedicated web pages and other online communications.  All highlights or descriptions of the art or artist will include artist contact information and website links to further connect the community to the artists.

In the past, banners were seasonally rotated.  These banners are intended to be year-round and will be displayed during all seasons. The banners are expected to last up to 5 years, at which time a new round of banners may be created.