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Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors are the heart of GVCF, ensuring that our mission is carried out and our community's needs are addressed.   Board seats, teams and  volunteer options are available to anyone with a joy for Golden Valley's future.  #DoMoreGood

Ready to Dive IN?

We are always grateful to meet neighbors curious about making a difference in our communities.  By joining the GVCF team, you could be a board member, program leader, volunteer, fundraiser, donor or many other roles. Every effort is appreciated, and we'll make sure we find a great fit for you! 

So say hello and get to know your local Community Foundation - GVCF. 






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Dean Penk

Dean Penk is a founding member of the GVCF, serving as a Board Member and as its Chairperson since its inception in 2011.  Dean’s commitment to volunteering began in his teens, continued through college, his professional life and now in retirement.  For Dean, DOING MORE GOOD is a way of life.  Dean’s involvement in the GVCF is simply an extension of his volunteer efforts he has been practicing for decades.


Dean believes that the Golden Valley Community Foundation is a great mechanism for identifying the needs of the Community and then funding actions that meet those community needs.   The GVCF’s ultimate goal is to positively impact the many stakeholders including donors and recipients within the greater Golden Valley community.


Dean and his wife, Julie, have lived in the North Tyrol neighborhood of Golden Valley since 1986.   “Since almost the very beginning, both Julie and I have volunteered on GV committees and task forces.  So, for us, we embrace the “DO MORE GOOD” mantra of the GVCF, and the foundation provides us a way to pay it forward today and in the future.”

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Linda Loomis


Linda joined the Golden Valley Community Foundation Board in 2012. She is currently the principal of Naiad Consulting, LLC, which she established in 2013. Her practice includes support and guidance regarding local watershed management and consultation about public policy with a focus on water management. Her current client list includes the Lower Minnesota River Watershed District.


Claudia Daml

Board Member

Claudia Daml has been a resident of Golden Valley since 2002 and a GVCF Board member since 2021.  Her family has loved living in the community of Golden Valley and has benefited from educational opportunities, sports, and community activities located here. Her children attended preschool programs through the Kaleidoscope program located at Meadowbrook Elementary and Calvary Lutheran Preschool. Her children attended elementary school at Good Shepherd Catholic School where Claudia volunteered as a Girl Scout troop leader for 7 years. Her son attends Hopkins High School and her daughter attends the University of Minnesota. Professionally, Claudia works as a clinical psychologist in community mental health. Her passion is supporting change to create a sustainable world where all people are valued and provided opportunities to go as far in life as they would like regardless of their background.

“Do More Good is more than a slogan, it is a way to live a life. I donate to the GVCF because this organization supports positive life experiences for Golden Valley residents and I value living in a community that is invested in its residents well-being.”

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Sean Endersbee

Board Member

“The reason I donate to the GVCF is to improve the quality of life in our community. We provide community members a platform to Do More Good and help area’s of need within the community." 

Sean has been a Golden Valley resident since 2019 and a board member since January 2021. He has a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their goals, specifically with his knowledge around financial planning. Sean is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™ and uses his breadth of financial knowledge and personal skills to help individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

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Helene Johnson

Board Member

Helene Johnson retired after 38 years as Executive Director of GTS Educational Events, a small nonprofit dedicated to providing educational conferences and workshops for those in public and nonprofit sectors. Helene has been volunteering extensively with the city of Golden Valley since 2004.  She was lead co-facilitator for the Envisioning process and a member of the Envision Connection Project board established to focus on ways to help implement its recommendations. 

She is a founding Board member of the Foundation and has facilitated its Global Golden Valley program since 2012. In December 2020 she received the Bill Hobbs Human Rights Award from the Golden Valley Human Rights Commission.


"The Foundation helps us channel funds to community organizations and individuals dedicated to connecting community members and enhancing Golden Valley's quality of life. Acting as a catalyst to Do More Good is an extremely satisfying way to volunteer!."

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John Richardson

Board Member

John Richardson is in his third term on the board. He has recently taken up a retirement career as a school bus driver for Blake Schools. As a young man he worked for several local theater companies and was the Dramaturg in Residence for the Playwrights’ Center. He spent several years writing and designing training programs and has been a small business owner actively managing three hair salons. His daughters attended Meadowbrook, Hopkins North and Hopkins Senior High School.  For several years he was the President of the Golden Valley Lions Club.


“I give of my time because building a shared sense of belonging and community with my neighbors impacts every outcome in our shared civic landscape. Opinions don’t get much done. Showing up and contributing to the well-being of our commonly held resources builds a valuable sense of belonging and local connectedness. Come volunteer with us! And strengthen and extend your connectedness to your community. It feels good to do good.”

“I give money to the foundation because I can’t show up for everything.  Money freely contributed to the common good  has a powerful, multiplier effect on the effectiveness of my community. We do a lot of good with a relatively small budget. We can do even more good when we contribute money.”

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Stacy Rider

Stacy Rider has been a proud resident of Golden Valley since 2004. She and her husband Joe have enjoyed raising their two sons in Golden Valley, taking full advantage of community parks, trails, events, and programming whenever possible. To give back to the community that has given her family so much, Stacy joined the Golden Valley Community Foundation board in 2021. Stacy is eager to ensure Golden Valley remains a thriving, accessible, inclusive community for all residents, whether established or newly joining.


Stacy received her BS in Strategic Management and MBA from the Carlson School at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. She consults in the areas of Marketing, Digital Products and Technology with Fortune 1000 companies primarily in the Twin Cities area.


"I give to the Golden Valley Community Foundation because I believe that we are stronger together. I want to live and grow in a thriving community, and am willing to give my time, talent and treasure to ensure we are able to Do More Good."

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GVCF Board of Directors:
Passion for our communities

Our GVCF Board of Directors are the heart of GVCF, ensuring that our mission is carried out and our communities' needs are addressed.    You can also play a role on a team or as a program volunteer.  We welcome you from Golden Valley and our surrounding communities, especially folks like you who have a joy for our communities' future. 

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