John Kluchka is a featured artist in Artist Showcase 2020.  

His artwork is created through a combination of artistic research, healing properties, composition development, an evolving mathematical algorithm, and an intensive digital rendering process that produces extremely high resolution works of stunning visual experience. 


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After a detailed review of each work to confirm their efficacy as a meditative moment for a wide variety of wellness journeys, final selections are confirmed as Meta Compositions and given a number.  Each composition is readied for production in multiple media, depending on the wellness intent of the viewer, and the scale of their installation, including large wall displays and textiles.. 

A Meta Composition may also be suitable for home or office installations where a wellness experience is desired. From simple canvas blocks or framed prints, to hi-definition metal and acrylic installations sized and lit to fit the space and experience desired.


Meta Compositions, and Meta Movement films, are a new category of large-scale contemporary art, recognized as abstract art developed to engage inner language with a unique composition framework.  The approach strips away traditional representation constructs of line, geometry, hierarchy, shape and texture to create agency for pure composition in color, hue, value and context.  The result is a new visual architecture that offers space to create and cleanse the cognitive palate in readiness for what comes next.  

The work inspires meditations that breathe clarity and calm into individual wellness.  Old ways of seeing are challenged and cognitive spaces are cleared of static and noise. The ability to grow and build stronger wellness foundations becomes more achievable. 

In their true form, Meta Compositions are large-scale installations for spaces where meditation, contemplation, or concentration are needed.  Many are found in quiet places, but can also breathe new experiences into any type of space. 

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Curious ​viewers can also preview Meta Composition Movement films, produced for UltraHD video displays as an extension of the meditation experience.  



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